From Process Mining to More Process  Transparency


Process Mining allows you to analyze current processes based on data from IT systems such as SAP in real time and thus achieve the greatest possible transparency. Huge amounts of data can be processed efficiently so that you can visualize your end-to-end processes - in real time! This gives you 100% process transparency at the touch of a button!



Business Challenges:


  • More transparency of business processes
  • Identify inconsistencies and inefficiencies at the push of a button
  • Measure and monitor business processes
  • Reduce complex and expensive process variants
  • Accelerate migrations to SAP S/4HANA




  • 100% transparency through visualization of all current processes
  • Identification of previously unknown process weaknesses
  • Optimization, harmonization & standardization of processes
  • Accelerated SAP S/4HANA migrations
  • Improved process quality and reliability
  • Increased profitability


Our Services:


  • Conception and implementation of Celonis Process Mining
  • Analysis of your existing processes
  • Extraction of process data for process mining
  • Conception and development of your process mining analysis
  • Support and further development of process mining solutions


Applied Technology:


  • Process Mining by Celonis

Natuvion is now a proud partner and works closely together with Celonis on the implementation of Process Mining.


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