Workshop & Procedure for GDPR Implementation

In this workshop, Natuvion will work together with you to develop a first GAP analysis and process model for implementing GDPR requirements.





An experienced Natuvion consulting team will cover the 11 GDPR steps that your company needs to take to be compliant. Together in just one day, we will create a GDPR road-map that includes prioritization of tasks for your SAP systems, sharing of proven tools, and techniques and technologies to help cut your project implementation time in half.



What you'll get:

A personalized GDPR compliance plan for your business.

Data on whether you are already SAP system compliant.  If your systems are not compliant, you will receive a task list with information on SAP and Natuvion tools, templates and methodologies to expedite completion.

Discounted subscription to TDA, a "Test-Data-Anonymization" engine for QA and test systems, as well as a "Pseudonymization" engine for your production systems.

Support through our on-demand ILM Comeptence Center

Learn how companies have turned their Natuvion GDPR project into a strength for their businesses.

A chance to ASK THE EXPERTS.


We would also be happy to assist you in all further steps - both from a legal and IT-technical point of view. In addition to the GDPR initial consultation, Natuvion and SKW Schwarz have meanwhile developed numerous blocking / deletion concepts or concepts for data information and data porting together with our customers as a basis for subsequent IT implementation.


May 25 and Beyond!

A Pragmatic Approach To GDPR!


According to the Global CIO of Conair, we are all Europeans and yes, The EU-GDPR will affect Your U.S.-Based Business!

With 99 articles and more than 55,000 words, the EU General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] enforced Friday 25 May 2018 may seem overwhelming. What is a pragmatic, actionable way to make progress with your company’s compliance specific to your SAP solutions?

In this webinar, you’ll learn what helped Conair identify and focus on the most important of the articles, to quickly develop a plan for SAP applications compliance.

Watch May 25 and Beyond Webinar!





Contact us to schedule a practical one-day workshop to help build

your GDPR road map and action plan for your SAP System Landscape!