SAP Customer Consent


Centrally manage your customers' preferences and consent settings throughout their lifecycles. Give your customers control over their own data and strengthen your relationships based on transparency and control in compliance with regional data protection laws such as the European Union's Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Core properties of the solution:

  • Implement customizable, out-of-the-box workflows to present clear consents to service terms, privacy policies, cookie approval (ePrivacy), marketing communications, and other permission-based activities.

  • Automatically trigger approval renewal requests each time terms and policies are changed. Updates are time-stamped, date-stamped, and recorded in our secure vault, while administrators have access to a complete consent history to efficiently address regulatory audits.

  • Enforce approval for each channel in your digital ecosystem and address critical privacy requirements by synchronizing customer profiles and settings with downstream applications and services.

  • Give your customers the ability to manage all aspects of their relationships with your brands, including their profile information, preferences, and consent settings, through a self-service preference center that can be accessed through their account profile on any device or platform.



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