SAP Customer Profile


Create comprehensive customer profiles from authorization-based customer data and seamlessly orchestrate them across every application and service in your technology stack. Administrators get granular control of all customer accounts and technology platforms from a central location, and sales representatives gain access to advanced analytics and reporting capabilities for better customer segmentation and personalization.


The core properties of the solution are

  • Centralize your customer data in a fully indexed, dynamic database that can capture a wide variety of structured and unstructured information and transform it into unified customer profiles

  • Orchestrate customer identity, profile and account status through integrations that enable bi-directional data flows between marketing, sales and service applications

  • Powerful data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) capabilities provide maximum flexibility for data conversion and synchronization

  • Manage all customer accounts and data from a central location and gain access to an audit trail of all administrative and customer initiated updates. Meanwhile, advanced error and exception handling helps with abnormal activities and behaviors

  • Analyze customer identity, profile, and account status data to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and more accurate segmentation with cross-platform analysis, social data insights, and flexible reporting

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