Infomation Lifecycle Management 

Simple blocking and deletion of personal data with SAP ILM


One of the most impactful rights defined by the GDPR is the blocking and deletion of personal data that is no longer required within the purpose defined for the processing. According to the data retention GDPR rule, personal data must be deleted after the primary purpose of the processing has ended. If the data must be retained to comply with data retention GDPR periods required by other legislation (such as tax legislation) access to it must be blocked or restricted, and it must be kept only for the duration of the longest legal retention period, after which it must be deleted as stated in the GDPR.


To help with this task, as of SAP NetWeaver 7.40, SAP Business Suite applications provide simplified blocking and deletion functionality that is based on SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).




Lifecycle of Personal Data



In order to meet these requirements in complex SAP system landscapes, SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) extends the SAP solution by module with the ability to manage the lifecycle of productive and archived data through defined rules and retention management functions.



ILM Features


  • Definition of retention rules and residence times to map legal requirements for productive and archived data
  • Blocking data relevant to legal cases against unwanted destruction
  • Final destruction of data under consideration of managed rules and regulations
  • Storing blocked data on an ILM-certified WebDAV server to protect against unchangeable data, unauthorized access or unwanted early deletion



ILM Starter Pack


ILM implementation projects are complex projects that require precise planning and a deep technical understanding of the functions. That includes a precise analysis of the technical data in the SAP system, through the setup of the retention rules in the ILM objects on a sandbox, to Go-Live with initial, real deletion processes.

A typical project for the conception and implementation of SAP ILM goes through the following phases:


Our Competence Center

Providing full support for ILM blocking and deletion


The Natuvion ILM Competence Center was opened in Berlin in mid-2017. With around 30 specially trained IT consultants and GDPR project managers and lawyers, it currently offers a pool of experts on the topics of blocking and deleting personal data in SAP system landscapes with the help of ILM.


The ILM Competence Center offers the following services:

  • Analysis of the existing data storage of personal data with Natuvion's data analysis service "SOPHIA"

  • Creation of a cross-system blocking and deletion matrix with corresponding technical documentation

  • Determination of the concrete implementation requirements for the defined blocking and deletion rules in SAP ILM in the respective modules including connected systems (detailed technical concept)

  • Legal advice in cooperation with selected and specialized IT law firms (SKW Schwarz)

  • Execution of complex implementation projects for SAP ILM with customizing, complete setup in sandboxes and quality systems up to GoLive and further support during the stabilization phase.

  • Implementation of quality assurance or audits on the basis of your existing installation / current project

  • Training courses for employees to support own administration of SAP ILM



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