Right to Information and Portability


In the context of the new GDPR, the rights of those affected (e.g. primarily natural persons), have been significantly strengthened. According to Article 15, data subjects have the possibility of requesting comprehensive information about their data and their processing purposes from the persons responsible (e.g. from companies, authorities, or other institutions).

Finding all data in a complex system landscape is usually very time-consuming and can quickly overstrain your own capacities with an increased number of requests. Finally, a processing period of 4 weeks from receipt of the request for information must be observed.



The most common types of data subject requests that companies must process where data subjects have the right to request their information is a constant stuggle for companies to consider in their day-to-day processes. However, companies will see that data subjects will exercise thier rights, specifically stated in Article 15, 20, & 12, to demand their data and how it is being processed.



Natuvion can get you on the right track for the legal, procedural and technical conception of an information service as well as for the technical implementation of a suitable solution in SAP system landscapes.


With predefined concept templates and checklists to ensure conformity, we speed up the implementation of the requirements for the right to information.  For the technical realization / implementation in SAP and connected non SAP system landscapes we offer you several technical solution variants. These solutions include the SAP IRF - Information Retrieval Framework and the DSR App - Data Subject Request (DSR) App solution developed by Natuvion. Information on these solutions can be found here.

Our services at a glance:

Professional and legal conception of information and data portability

Technical analysis and solution concept information and data portability

Realization / implementation of a solution for information and / or data portability

Auditing / certification of an implementation of Articles 15 & 20



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