De-personalization of productive and

non-productive system landscapes



In the media you constantly see new reports on new cases, insights and guidelines on issues like data misuse, theft or spying. With this the pressure on companies to take precautions to protect their customers' data increases. The public is too aware of what is happening with the data companies hold, and the risks for companies of violating the current general data protection regulations (GDPR) are too high. Not only negative headlines and immense fines are the result, but also the danger of a considerable image loss, coupled with possible customer mistrust.


Missuse of Data

According to the GDPR, companies usually operate a development and quality assurance system (Q system) in addition to the production system. Since this is then later used for checking and optimizing the production system and best fulfils this purpose when working with real or realistic data, it is currently a best practice  to copy the production data completely and use it as test data. However this misappropriation is a serious breach of the law.


Our Services for De-personalization


Our experts support you in the complete analysis of your system and process landscape and develop a complete de-personalization concept together with you. For this procedure we also offer legal certification / auditing for quality assurance. With our own certified TDA software, we can make a significant contribution to technical implementation. However, the use of the TDA is not a prerequisite for our consulting services.


Our Services at a Glance:


Analysis of the system landscape for a de-personalization

Data analysis of personal data

Conception of a GDPR-compliant de-personalization strategy

Realization / implementation of de-personalization solutions

Auditing / Certification of a De-Personalization Implementation

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