Consolidation of SAP Systems

Reduce costs, simplify complexity, & harmonize systems


The consolidation of SAP systems usually has different starting points. One would be the reduction of internal processes and system diversity by simplifying the complexity of system interfaces and system operations. At the same time, the aim is to reduce system operation costs as efficiently as possible. As a rule, the initial situations are multi-layered, but the goals are comprehensible. As a rule, the consolidation of SAP systems is always about consolidating historically grown systems with each other. Very few people want to do without a history of their data in the course of consolidation, but they rather want to merge different systems in a consolidated target landscape.


To master this challenge, we offer you as Natuvion our expertise and knowledge to successfully consolidate SAP systems. With our analysis tools for system comparison, which show the necessary conversion rules for a successful system consolidation, we give advise to our customers and show the best possible approaches for a successful consolidation strategy. For the purpose of implementing migration projects with their fully historical data from different SAP systems, we provide the appropriate migration tools including the necessary conversion logic and carry out a customized consolidation in your interest. We analyze the differences in the system characteristics of Customizing and Repository Objects as well as the corresponding number range objects. Based on this technical analysis, the necessary technical changes can be derived as a prerequisite for consolidation.


Please contact us und let us provide you with professional advise on which technological consolidation approach offers the greatest benefits and the least amount of effort for you at the same time.



Natuvion's Services at a Glance:


Consolidation Strategy & Project Management 

Conception, Analysis and Rule Definition

Implementation of System Consolidation

Data cleansing and Clustering

Repositiory & ABAP Consolidation Service Team

Database Performance Optimization

Audit and Quality Assurance





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