Mergers & Acquisition

Carve-Out & Carve-In

Companies and their systems are constantly changing today between the acquisition and sale of entire parts of a company. These changes always affect the underlying IT systems. For the transfer of company parts, the question of consolidation and harmonization of the system landscape to migrate the underlying data into the corresponding target system landscape also always arises at the end.

The possible transfer scenarios required depend on the specific task at hand. If, for example, data is to be integrated into the existing landscape within the framework of a carve-in, the primary question is whether consolidation of the systems should consider the entire data history or whether only master data should be transferred to the target system. In a carve-out scenario, the questions are more towards the greenfield or brownfield approach.
Natuvion have separated, merged and harmonized customer systems in a large number of successful carve-in and carve-out projects. In addition to planning and conception, we offer a comprehensive knowledge of technical possibilities and approaches for successful project implementation.
Regardless of which approach of technical implementation you choose: In order to be able to use your own integrated SAP solution as quickly as possible after a carve-out or carve-in, expert advice is needed right from the start.

Natuvion's services at a glance


Transformation strategy & project management

Carve-In and consolidation of SAP customer systems

Carve-In and consolidation of non-SAP systems to SAP systems

Consolidation from SAP systems including entire data history

Brownfield Carve-Outs incl. cleansing of master data system

Greenfields Carve-Outs

Selective data extractions in SAP and non-SAP 

Databank performance optimization  

Audit and quality assurance


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