Changes in the existing SAP organizational structure with Natuvion as your partner


If changes or reorganizations are made, the existing organizational structure in the SAP system must be adapted.

Technically, there are at least three different cases of restructuring:
(1) Renaming of organizational units and/or master data
(2) Consolidation of organizational units and/or master data
(3) Separation of organizational units and/or master data
Typical scenarios for SAP restructuring include changes to the chart of accounts, including secondary cost elements, renaming and merging cost centers, harmonizing and eliminating duplicates in master data such as customers and vendors (also in preparation for conversion to SAP S/4 HANA), and merging or separating posting and/or controlling areas.
The conversion, which takes place within the framework of such a project, is carried out consistently for customizing, master data and transaction data. All data is changed regardless of age or business or technical status. You can also make the changeover dependent on organizational units, such as changing the cost centers for one controlling area only.
During a conversion, the original values are replaced by the new values in the database using mapping. This is not only possible for SAP standard tables and fields, but can also be enhanced individually for customer-specific developments. SAP LT is one of the tools used here.

Natuvion's Services at a Glance:



  • Organizational units
  • Master data


Consolidation of organizational units

  • Master data merge
  • Controlling area merge




Consolidation or elimination of duplicates in master data

  • Harmonization of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Business partner conversion
  • Change to profit center and cost center structure


Seperation of organizational units

  • Controlling area split
  • Master data separation


With our expertise, we can support you in selecting the appropriate approach and implementing any reorganization.