Fast Track to SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud


An ERP cloud strategy requires the willingness to part with established (but also outdated) processes. Companies are best off when they rely on the public cloud for the long term.

A great new world  but how will we get you there? 


Anyone who has ever undergone a technological paradigm shift knows the challenges and possible problems of changing from old to new. One of these essential challenges is the technical data transfer from often diverse data sources to a new target solution landscape.

Natuvion and SAP have therefore developed a Fast Track Migration Service into the Public Cloud in a co-innovation. This provides on the one hand initially distinctive data models and on the other hand a stable framework for the smooth and fast data transfer into your future ERP platform.



Natuvion's Services at a Glance:


Subproject management data transfer to the public cloud

Identification of migration requirements; Value Assurance

Analysis classification of the data stock and

Extraction of data from the existing source

Transformation of data into target objects

Loading data into the public cloud

Data cleansing (optional)


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