Energy Data Management (EDM)


Highly integrated process handling with SAP EDM for Utilities


Energy data under control - SAP EDM for Utilities optimally maps the processes in energy data management


The importance of energy data management and optimized process mapping is continuously increasing. With SAP EDM for Utilities, SAP offers an innovative solution especially for the electricity and gas divisions. Integration into business processes, central data management, ad hoc reporting and future-oriented IT architecture through the use of SAP HANA are key components that make this solution one of the most powerful and sustainable on the market. Legal guidelines and changing market processes in the electricity (MaBiS) or gas (KOV / GaBi Gas) segments as well as the topic of energy feed-in balancing force companies to adapt their IT systems to the new conditions.

Natuvion optimizes your processes and designs and implements the requirements for SAP EDM systems for you with the following services:


Introduction of SAP EDM for the market roles network operator, supplier and balancing group manager

Implementation and optimization of market processes around MaBiS and GaBi

Implementation of individual adjustments, e.g. load-age-based billing for grid and supplier

Support of sales and procurement processes through forecasting processes and integration into quotation management

SAP EDM on HANA as Side-Car Scenario



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