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China 100 International Conference
18th to 19th May 2019, Hangzhou in China

"The change of paradigm for data governance and emerging technologies in the digital age." 

GDPR takes effect in 27 EU countries and with that the paradigm for data governance has been evolving constantly. with this this Conference will be held with the main focus on these new paradigms for data governance brought by new technologies, further how emerging technologies and businesses can be in compliance with the new paradigms and more. Joins us at the International Conference on Paradigm for Data Governance and Emerging Technologies in the Digital Age in Hangzhou, China on the 18th and 19th of May.



Topic 1: Traditional Paradigm for Data Governance in the Digital Age

Topic 2: GDPR Drives the Change of Data Governance Paradigm

Topic 3: New Data Governance Paradigm - Distributed Data Sharing (Block Chain)

Topic 4: New Data Governance Paradigm - Collaborative Computing

Topic 5: The Exploration of Industry Applications in the New Data Governance Paradigm


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