Co-innovation with Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services



About a year ago, Co-Innovated with SAP was launched. It is an exclusive premium service for partners around the globe, who want to build innovative solutions – based on the latest SAP technologies (such as SAP Cloud Platform, SAP S/4HANA) and SAP quality standards, without wasting time on the way from the idea to market launch.

A common starting point for partners and SAP experts is an idea that is being developed into a qualified, marketable and certified application and has the Co-Innovated with SAP logo.

First of all, the idea is evaluated jointly, in order to determine whether the future product is capable of extending the SAP portfolio effectively and meaningfully. The next step is for the SAP team to advise and support the partner in selecting and providing the required infrastructure. At the development stage, the partner is supported by trained experts and best practices, also with regard to SAP quality and security standards. Once the application has been fully developed, it is tested as the basis for the certificate and logo on SAP standards. At the market launch, the partner can also expect effective support and advice for various listings, such as in the SAP Partner Services Directory.

“The added value for partners is really substantial. They benefit from the early assessment of the feasibility of the scheduled scenario by SAP, from the comprehensive support of SAP experts throughout the entire project as well as the technical validation. In addition, they can use the logo as an outstanding brand benefit,” says Nandagopal B Prasad, senior vice president and head of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services. “With a product that is SAP-certified and bears the Co-Innovated with SAP logo, the market launch will turn out to be much easier.”

In addition to the premium Co-Innovated with SAP service, the Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services group also offers software and hardware certifications, product qualifications and services in support of the development stage.

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