Making the cutover process standardized and more flexible at the same time – with Natuvion’s Cutover Application



Projects in the cutover phase have a very tight timeframe. Usually several test runs are carried out before going live. A process run of this kind is characterized by its individual scope and procedure. On one hand, many individual activities are carried out based on a repetitive pattern, while on the other hand the number and duration of these individual activities vary according to the scope of the particular project. Activities or even project phases may change up until the end, due to unforeseen events, for example.

Natuvion has developed the Cutover app as cloud-based software, which can be used for planning and implementing projects. How the software masters the apparently contradictory requirements of flexibility and stability in the process is described in the following blog post.



Manage your Cutovers Effectively

After many projects that were successfully completed by Natuvion consultants, it is clear that effective implementation essentially depends on all participants having access to all the relevant project data from anywhere at any time, so they can respond quickly to any events that occur. This process must be supported by a tool that meets the following requirements.

  • Process planning and execution by an application
  • Permanent and automatic monitoring of the process flow and performance
  • Identification of tasks according to their importance, e.g. by automatic reporting of exceptions and incidents that require immediate intervention
  • Simultaneous reporting of errors that occur to all the relevant parties involved
  • Fast communication options between project participants
  • Centralized documentation
  • Process data in realtime including monitoring and dashboard functionality
  • Possibility of fast and uncomplicated change in process flows

Flexible or standardized process flows?

This question is easily answered with Natuvion’s Cutover app – it is both. Figure 1 shows how the Cutover app combines the seemingly conflicting requirements in a unique way, in order to meet the above requirements.

Learn more about :

  • he planning of the cutover
  • the execution
  • the technology
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM)

and experience the Cutover App in action.

Cutover app in action

The Cutover app is a cloud-based application. It is multi-client and multi-project capable. The user interfaces are ideally coordinated with the individual user roles (administrator, team member, project leader and manager). The following sections present the steps from the initial instigation of the project to its execution.

Getting started is the easiest part: initial setup of a Cutover project

The administrator is responsible for the initial setup of a project. Using an input mask, the project name is assigned first and a project manager and project validity are defined. After expiry of the validity, the project data, such as the user data, are automatically removed from the system. The following step is that the administrator informs the project manager by email (see figure 2). The administration interface also offers other features for monitoring the Cutover App and the processes running on it.

Excel with a difference...

Once the project manager has received his registration data via an automatically generated email, he logs into the Cutover app and imports the Excel project file for the relevant project.

The Cutover app prescribes a specific structure for the Excel files to be imported, so that the data can be processed correctly. Natuvion provides the appropriate templates for this, which can be very easily adapted. In addition to the actual project tasks, the templates also each include an additional worksheet, in which the project team members are listed. This information is used by the Cutover app among other things to send notifications and similar via email.

After importing, the data are checked. The project manager has various views available for this (see figure 3):

  • Contacts

Here you will find contact details of the project staff and their roles.

  • Task list

The task list represents all the tasks and enables the project’s completeness to be checked in this view. Once the project starts, this view provides the option of real-time monitoring.

  • Process diagram

The process diagram visualizes the sequential flow of the project, i.e. in which order the scheduled tasks are carried out.

  • Gantt chart

The Gantt chart shows the project manager, the stages and timing of individual tasks.

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