Dataprivacy Audit Certification


Dataprivacy has long been an increasingly important topic in Europe, Natuvion sees Dataprivacy as one of the core aspects of every company. You encounter dataprivacy issues daily wheter at work or in your private life. To give you the best consulting experience our experts are constently making a progress. Last year three of our employees were awarded with the Dataprivacy Audit Certification by the Academy of "DGI Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationssichertheit AG". This Academy is one of the best ressources in terms of informationprivacy, dataprivacy, IT Compliance etc, their instructors have been gaining their knowledge from active as well as passive projects and practical experience for years. Therefore their lessons can be adapted and improved constantly and immidiately.

Due to this knowledge Natuvions consultants and experts are one step ahead of dataprivacy. During their training our collegues learned how to systematically evaluate already existing dataprivacylevels and to rate the appropriateness of the technical and organisational measures implemented. The evaluation ranges from individual to complete system landscapes. All measures taken to meet and comply with the relevant articles of the basic data protection regulation and the directly related warranty objectives of the standard data protection model can be examined.


The auditing can take place in different depths, depending on the client's objectives.

The graph below shows the possible test cascade in the Natuvion audit kit:


The "data protection audit and certification" service module rounds off Natuvion's data protection portfolio even further. Our customers not only benefit from our profound understanding of processes and our profound implementation know-how in the conception and implementation of necessary measures in accordance with the Basic Data Protection Ordinance. Now the implementations carried out can also be continuously checked and audited in order to prove to various bodies and institutions that personal data are handled in accordance with the GDPR, e.g.

  • the data protection authority
  • the internal audit
  • the costumers
  • the general public

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