Webinar: Mitigating Privacy & Security Risks with the New SAP Privacy Governance Suite


When it comes to data privacy, there are many aspects of your system landscape that need to be compliant and risk-free. That is why SAP has created the SAP Data Privacy Governance Suite, which focuses specifically on privacy governance and data management from a risk point of view.

The application helps companies collect all processes where personal related data is processed and addresses the requirements of article 30 EU General Data Protection Regulation by assessing the risk in a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Its main goals are to manage regulations and policies, survey and track, & assess business impact as part of Lean Risk Management, as well as mitigate risks via risk assessment and controls & monitor and report as part of Extended Risk Management.

Coupled with our extensive knowledge in SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), consisting of experience with over 120 customers, Natuvion complements the SAP Data Privacy Governance team by offering years of experience in implementing an automated and accelerated approach to deleting, archiving, and blocking personal data across large SAP and non-SAP IT landscapes.

In this Natuvion educational webinar, we will go over the main focuses and goals of the Data Privacy Governance Suite and answer important questions about how to implement the tool into your system landscape.



Joining us for this webinar is guest speaker Dr. Sandro Lovisa of SAP. Dr. Lovisa is part of the GRC development unit within SAP and is the Chief Product Owner for the new SAP Data Privacy Governance tool, which addresses privacy and security risks.



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