Webinar: Ensure Data Privacy Compliance in Your SAP Landscape with Data Anonymization

Featuring Natuvion's Test Data Anonymization (TDA) Tool


One of the key requirements of data privacy regulations is that you are not allowed to use real personal data in your test environments. Therefore, whenever you make a system copy to build your quality systems or preparing for a SAP S/4HANA transition, you need to de-personalize the test systems.

Natuvion offers a simple Test Data Anonymization (TDA) product and service module as a solution to de-personalize these test systems. This tool has been developed for SAP systems as well as third-party systems and anonymizes or pseudonymizes all personal data either directly when the systems are copied or after system provision.

In this Natuvion educational webinar, we will share the functionalities and what a typical implementation looks like in a system demo.



Joining us for this webinar is guest speaker Kai Szatkowski, Product Expert of Natuvion's Test Data Anonymization Tool.



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