SAP Cloud Platform Applications

Innovative product development based on the latest technology 


The digital age aims to narrow and shorten processes with a product or service immediately. Companies face the challenge of responding to the growing impatience of their customers and withstanding the rapid changes in the markets.


The current challenges of our customers:


  • How can we simplify business processes in the company?
  • How can we optimally network our employees?
  • How do we structure and optimize the integration of our data volumes?
  • How do we reach a targeted approach to our customers on different channels?


The applications must be easy and intuitive to use from different mobile devices witha  flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure.  This is where the SAP Cloud Platform comes in.


Natuvion offers in-house apps based on SAP Cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS)


Natuvion is one of the first SAP partners to develop its own applications based on the SAP Cloud Platform in a co-innovation program, thus taking the step towards becoming an SaaS provider. The finished applications are available to our customers on Natuvion's own SAP Cloud Platform. They can be accessed via an Internet browser or mobile devices. The applications can be securely connected to the respective customer system via the SAP Cloud Connector.

For example the Cutover App. An SAP-certified application that optimally combines standardization and flexibility. The aim of our app is to implement a cross-platform, central control option and mobile interaction in cutover management. Learn more about our Cutover App.
Another application we have developed as a Software as a Service Partner is our Data Subject Request App. This app allows the you to manage and search for the information of personal data from SAP system landscapes. Learn more about our Data Subject Request App.
The Cutover App from Natuvion
The Cutover App from Natuvion
A transparent tool to plan all cutover activities during any data migration


Take advantage of absolute flexibility!

To use Natuvion applications on our SAP Cloud Platform, you do not need to provide your own hardware or other infrastructure. However, if you have your own SAP Cloud Platform, you can simply obtain the applications from the SAP App Store and run them on your platform.


Get an insight into the various development opportunities based on SAP Cloud with our cloud webcasts or use our 1-day workshop for individual questions.

By developing our own apps and the experience gained, we are able to support companies in entering the new world of SAP Cloud. At the same time we help you to define your own architecture and development strategy.


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