Smart Data Management in SAP Systems

With Natuvion's Easy Data Access (EDA), secondary systems can be supplied with real data structures easily, efficiently, and in compliance with data protection regulations


Being able to react quickly, flexibly, and reliably to new market requirements is often the decisive competitive advantage. SAP systems must therefore be continuously adapted and optimized without sacrificing quality.

However, any modification or adaptation to running processes or functions is a double-edged sword. On one hand, adjustments are indispensable, but on the other hand, the updates often tie up an excessive amount of IT department resources in advance. This effect is further enhanced if the changes or adjustments made are tested on a poor data basis. Weaknesses and errors can no longer be clearly differentiated.

This inevitably leads to additional work and a loss of trust in the results of the employees.



With Easy Data Access (EDA), Natuvion provides a secure and intuitively operable data provisioning and data protection-compliant anonymization service that brings speed, flexibility, and reliability back into existing change management processes.

With the uncomplicated integration of EDA into an existing system landscape, anonymized data can be made available for training, mass test data generated for a performance test, real individual data transported for problem analysis, or entire project systems set up and continuously updated, for example.



Another benefit is the possibility to build consistent test and QS systems with a reduced data stock (storage space) with the EDA and thus save costs for the hardware provision. Analogous possibilities are also available for the provision of lean project and emergency systems.

The user interface is designed for ease of use and intuitive use.



Natuvion's Easy Data Access: One solution with endless possibilities


  • Provide test systems with real or anonymized data in the shortest possible time
  • Resetting project systems and their data stock quickly and easily
  • Transfer individual data from a production system to test or quality systems with just a few clicks
  • Providing training systems with real, anonymized data and resetting them within the shortest possible time
  • Data supply across system boundaries, so that the consistency of the transferred data is guaranteed in every case
  • Integrated GDPR compliant anonymisation and/or pseudonymisation
  • Integrated identification of personal data



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