De-Personalization with Natuvion's TDA Tool

Certified for SAP and Non-SAP Systems


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Copying personal data to non-productive systems is a violation of the provisions of many data privacy laws like GDPR as there is usually no legitimate consent for the use of this personal data from the data subject in a testing, development and quality assurance environments. With exceptions like anonymizing or pseudonymizing data, companies can benefit by making it impossible to connect personal data to a data subject. 

Natuvion offers a simple Test Data Anonymization (TDA) product and service module as a solution. This tool has been developed for SAP systems as well as third-party systems and anonymizes or pseudonymizes all personal data either directly when the systems are copied or after system provision.

The solution to protect against data misuse


In most three-tiered SAP landscapes, the production systems, containing legally usable data, are used to set up and optimize the secondary systems. However, an essential problem arises with regard to the fulfilment of the applicable data protection law: the misuse of the data.


By using the anonymization and pseudonymization engine in test, development and quality systems, your company can quickly achieve data privacy by design and default through anonymization and pseudonymization.


Through the use of the certified Natuvion TDA solution, your company can quickly implement the GDPR requirements.

How can you benefit from TDA? 

  • GDPR Certified legal solution
  • Runs on all SAP Business Suite systems and non- SAP Applications
  • Designed for High Performance / Big Data
  • Runs on BW / BI Systems
  • ​​​​​Integrated and compatible with SAP ILM for BW Systems
  • Predefined data models, templates and
  • Automatic data model analysis (personal data search)
  • Intelligent, integrated data identification 

Download the Test Data Anonymization Handbook and learn how simple an installation can be



 Download the TDA Handbook Here



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