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      The GDPR compliant Business Warehouse

      Pseudonymization ensures data protection for analytics!

      All company data will eventually end up in a Business Warehouse to be used for extensive analysis and reporting purposes. The more data available, the better. Even better if a complete data history is recorded. In contrast to the availability of data, GDPR regulations demand deletion of personal data as soon as its intended use ends. How to achieve full use of data and GDPR compliance? With Natuvion ATHENA.

      By using Natuvion ATHENA, all personal data in a Business Warehouse can be pseudonymized. Simultaneously, you ensure that all generated reports and statistics are accurate. The data as such retain dependencies during the process of pseudonymization and can thus be used for analysis. However, the data no longer allows tracing it back to an individual person. If data had been completely deleted, all data history would be lost, and with it the value of any analysis or report.

      All aspects considered

      All aspects considered

      From analysis …

      Before data can be pseudonymized, it needs to be identified as being relevant in this context. When Natuvion ATHENA analyzes the BW database, it identifies personal data and carries out an initial GDPR classification. All Info Objects are tagged with a specific status such as “Block” or “Delete”. You will be able to verify these assignments again before these are applied to the corresponding data in the production system, be it ERP, CRM or HCM. The actual blocking or deletion then also triggers pseudonymization of the data in your Business Warehouse.

      … to pseudonymization …

      For the process of pseudonymization as such, Natuvion ATHENA uses different methods. For example, data may be replaced by a fixed value or a counter. A ZIP or postal code could keep the leading digits followed by “X” instead of the remaining ones. A date can be reset to the first of the month or year. By following these concepts data can still be linked in terms of time and context without revealing any personal reference.



      … to final deletion

      The capability of ultimately deleting data records allows Natuvion ATHENA to free up data storage. Historic data which is neither used nor has any current relevance reduces waste and cost. The solution enables you to define and adjust the selection when needed.

      Technical prerequisites
      SAP NetWeaver 7.2 or higher, implementation of SAP ILM started, and Business Function ILM_Notification.

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