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      You want to help companies on their way to a digital future? You've come to the right place. As a digital moving company, we are leading this journey instead of just taking part in it. Our goal: use our knowledge and tools to help our customers achieve long-term transformation success, while enabling them to run their business-critical data and processes on the most modern and innovative platforms. Do you also want to be involved first-hand, contribute your ideas and literally "make a difference"?

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      Our culture

      Regardless of function, task or position, you can expect an appreciative culture in which trust, responsibility and an open, helpful relationship with each other are key. We see ourselves as ONE #teamgreen!

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      We always treat our employees, managers and customers with trust and honesty. Trust is the glue between us. Whether it's with the executive board, management, each individual employee, or our customers: everyone can rely on our word. A trust that we do not want to betray.

      We act with responsibility at all times. Towards our entire team as well as towards our customers and partners. For us, taking responsibility means acting prudently and thoughtfully. In doing so, we always want to take into account the interests and needs of all parties involved in the best possible way.

      We are flexible. It is important to us to provide our employees and customers with an adjustable, dynamic working environment that best reflects their wishes and requirements. At the same time, we emphasize creative freedom and development opportunities for our employees and encourage a healthy work-life balance.








      We are team players. As in any sports team, we are more successful when everyone can count on each other and we support each other to the best of our abilities. No one is left alone and everyone gets help when they need it and ask for it. This includes being able to ask for help at any time across hierarchies and departments, but also each of us doing everything we can to support others.

      We are open, transparent and tolerant. Not only in our actions and decisions, but also in our dealings with our employees, partners and customers. We resolve any disagreements and challenges directly and immediately with each other. We draw our energy and performance from all our different characters and cultures.

      We are curious. Curiosity is one of our driving forces on the path to better solutions. Constantly searching for alternative paths, we are prepared to face unfamiliar, new and complex situations and learn for life. We are open-minded and unreservedly receptive to all ideas. Mistakes are an important part of the search for the best solution.


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      Your contact

      "Are you ready to join us on our transformation leadership journey and become part of #teamgreen?

      We look forward to receiving your application!"


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