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      GDPR Compliance with SAP ILM: Challenge or Opportunity?

      GDPR Compliance with SAP ILM: Challenge or Opportunity?

      The GDPR provides by law the right to be forgotten. This means that personal data must be deleted as soon as the purpose for which it was collected no longer applies. This is a crucial issue, especially when dealing with sensitive data such as personnel data. Carlsberg recognized the need for action here regarding its HCM systems and relied on Natuvion's ILM expertise.

      Immediate risk minimization

      The goal: to implement sustainable deletion routines and achieve full data protection compliance. Read our success story to find out how Natuvion achieved this within a tight timeframe, entirely in line with Carlsberg's individual requirements, and how it resulted in a significant improvement in data protection compliance after the very first deletion runs.


      Download Success Story: