Carve Out & Splits

You want to split or restructure a business unit, legal entity, or line of business?

We can help you implement this type of project in the highest quality, shortest possible time, and, if necessary, with specific customizations and system setup.

High-Speed Carve Out

With our intelligent transformation software, the Natuvion Data Conversion Server (DCS), we have implemented carve outs within 10 weeks.


Carve Out Software

With the DCS, carve outs can be implemented on the most granular level (clustering & waving), with the highest quality and minimum runtime. The DCS provides pre-built data models (templates) for various industries and systems, as well as intelligent business system analyses. These models take customer developments and extensions into account.



If necessary, business functions can be deactivated. Unauthorized data can also be decommissioned in the course of the carve out.



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