Migrations in SAP Landscapes

A proven core competence of Natuvion


The change of system operation from or to an SAP software solution is directly linked to the challenges of the transfer activities of legacy data in the form of migrations. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure the highest possible quality with the least possible manual effort when transferring data from legacy systems. In the past, Natuvion employees have proven their expertise in a large number of data transfer projects in SAP systems, from SAP systems to SAP systems as well as from SAP in third-party systems and in the context of the classical requirements of ETL processes in various customer projects with a high degree of quality and reliability.

Natuvion employees are familiar with all the technical possibilities of the migration processes supported by SAP and choose the most suitable alternative from a technical point of view for each project. As a SAP Gold Partner, we also provide responsible direct support for SAP implementation and migration projects, including the use of SAP SLO tools for the various customer requirements.
In addition to the purely technical implementation, Natuvion employees are also familiar with the various necessary reconciliation procedures, which usually involve the transfer of legacy data.

Natuvion's Services at a Glance:

  • Migration strategy and solution selection
  • Data Discharges and Loads in the SAP Environment - Cross-Component
  • Execution of data transformations and mappings
  • Migrations to SAP systems with all technical tools
  • Table-based approach (SLO approach)
  • Object-based approach, LSMW, SAP Migration Cockpit or EMIGALL
  • Loading of SAP systems via standardized interfaces such as IDOCs
  • Unloading SAP systems into defined target structures, including mapping routines



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