Master Data Management & Governance

Analyze, Monitor, Transform, & Replicate


Your data is the gold of your digital processes. Knowing this, you make decisions, recognize trends or develop new products or services. To ensure that this data does not lose value after a short time and has a long lifetime and the highest possible quality, it must be maintained and managed.

Natuvion's data governance team consists of experienced data scientists who can support you in defining a data governance strategy and implementing suitable software solutions, such as SAP Master Data Governance, and complex cross-system data transformations and consolidations. 






Services from Natuvion:


SAP Data Governance (Implementation)


  • IT Strategy and Solution
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Conception, implementationg and rule definition
  • Service and applications management
  • Audit and quality assurance




Data Conversion (Service) 


  • Data analysis, classification and grouping
  • Conception, implementation and rule definition
  • Data modification or deletion
  • Data merging (partners, suppliers, customers etc.)
  • Deletion of obsolete or duplicate data
  • Data update, deletion of obsolete or invalid data


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