The most flexible path to SAP S/4HANA: Natuvion's ALLFIELD™


Do you want to combine requirements from business, IT, and legal? Do you need a way to switch to SAP S/4HANA in one step with minimal impact and downtime for your business?

With Natuvion's ALLFIELD™ methodology, you can accomplish these goals.



Natuvion's ALLFIELD™

With Natuvion's ALLFIELD™, you can combine and technically implement a variety of transformation scenarios  so-called "patterns"  in your SAP S/4HANA transformation.

Understanding the individual starting position of the process and system landscape is also crucial.

  • Which data is still required?
  • Which process chains should be adopted, optimized, or completely reimplemented?
  • Is data cleansing or data restructuring necessary as part of the changeover activities?
  • How long are the process and system downtimes in such a transition?

Natuvion runs a "Phase 0" project that creates a recommendation report providing the details of your situation while helping you form a business case and roadmap explaining the recommended approach, expected benefits, effort, costs, and risks of moving to SAP S/4HANA.


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