LUCY stands for the intelligent identification and deletion of data in SAP system landscapes


Selective cleansing & deletion of data (types/objects) in SAP system landscapes is possible on the basis of LUCY, with little effort and in a short implementation period.





Typical situations in which the LUCY transformation approach can help:


  • The introduction of a Data Lifecycle Management System or a Data Governance System requires a clean data basis.
  • If parts of a company are sold or restructured, harmonized or lifted to new platforms / technologies, the old data / systems must be deleted consistently and without residue.
  • If systems are transferred to a new technology or planned to be decommissioned in the foreseeable future, selective (one-time) deletion of unauthorized data can be a valid alternative to a sustainable Data LiveCycle Management System.
  • Immediate minimization of operating costs by deleting data that is no longer required and thus reducing the system size.

Data identification and cleansing of data objects (e.g. interested parties) can be realized with LUCY within an efficient project framework of approx. 4-8 weeks and 25-45 performance days.



You have further questions about LUCY or would like to dscuss the general cleanup and deletion
of certain data in your SAP landscape with us? Just write us a short message.