Analysis & Identification of Data 

Natuvion's SOPHIA drastically reduces manual effort in data protection projects by analyzing and automatically identifying all personal data in a system or system landscape.



The first phase in a focused data protection project often begins with identifying the relevant personal data and the storage location in the existing system landscape. While this type of audit used to depend heavily on the knowledge of application managers and key users from the specialist departments, additional research can now be carried out using intelligent, automated search tools.

 SOPHIA by Natuvion is an analysis tool that helps you to identify any personal data in SAP system landscapes. SOPHIA uses both the DDIC-based structure search and the semantic/content-based search.


The combination of the two methods leads to a remarkable result. SOPHIA can determine 99% of all data and fields with direct personal reference in SAP system landscapes. SOPHIA can also be used to automatically identify the archiving objects used in SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). SOPHIA has a minimum runtime and works on all systems of the SAP Business Suite and can easily be run yourself.
The results can be extracted and converted into a format for further processing. Natuvion provides a clear user interface with filter function. Natuvion also provides a further interpretation of the results for a full analysis to plan the next steps for your data protection project.


What can you expect from Natuvion's SOPHIA?


  • Technical identification of all personal data fields
  • Content identification of personal data in all tables Identification of relevant archiving / ILM objects Delta
  • Determination of ILM Archiving / ILM Objects
  • Determination of the quantity structures
  • Automatic integration into table lists (e.g. depersonalization)
  • Revision-proof storage of results (versioning)
  • Free restriction of the table scope / analysis scope (for example, to customer developments)



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