Robotics (RPA)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – The digital helpers for a quantum leap in your process efficiency


The core process of the companies in each industry are heavily associated with high manual, cross-system effort. But new business models are constantly opening for companies thanks to the opportunities brought by the fast-moving digitization of the social environment. In such context, personal and financial resources need to be flexible to be allocated to new subjects and to respond quickly without neglecting the existing business. New methods are necessary to get passed these conflicting objectives and achieve the optimization of the core business through increasing efficiency.

To this end, robotics becomes the ideal tool. Robots can be thought of as virtual employees who automatically perform repetitive tasks in the existing applications. No changes in the system architecture is needed because robots access it just like real employees do. In addition to a quick and uncomplicated implementation, robotics clearly increases productivity and the quality of processes while perceptibly reducing costs. The satisfaction of employees also increases because robots assume most of the monotonous tasks.


Take a look at an example of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) here:

The foundation for our delivery concept is a centralized IT infrastructure based on the Managed Private Cloud Approach (MPO). The infrastructure is operated and managed centrally. In addition to providing the centralized infrastructure (Platform as a Service), we also provide decentralized robotic solutions and services that we can connect directly to your corporate network make useful. The solutions for you range from standardized robots (robots as a service) to the implementation of individual requirements (individual design). We accompany you with our extensive expertise in the field of automation by means of robotics right from the start (Consulting). The basis for using our services is operation via the central IT infrastructure. This will save you the need to set up your own system landscape and manage it, and you can also participate in a sophisticated license sharing model.


Services of Natuvion GmbH::

Extensive expertise in the selection and evaluation of suitable processes

Best practice approaches to Processes

Development and modeling of robots for defined processes

Provide a full lifecycle approach to robot support and change request

Provide a secure, cost-optimized, centrally-hosted IT infrastructure for robot operation

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