The Cutover Software from Natuvion to Manage Your Entire Cutover Plan


Give your cutover manager a transparent tool to plan all cutover activities in realtime


The Cutover App is Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) built app for distributed project management and deployment projects that was Co-Innovated with SAP on SAP Cloud Platform. This cutover project software can track all your project activities including customized views and dashboards for the different cutover manager roles and responsibilities. Whether your business is planning a SAP S/4HANA cutover or a successfactors cutover plan, Natuvion provides proven cutover templates to help your project run smoothly during any type of data migration project. 

While many projects are still managed in excel, the app allows project managers the flexibility to log the different and dependent tasks and information that define the Cutover project in an excel and upload the overview into the web-based multi-user app.

SAP Built on SAP Cloud Platform
Natuvion's  Cutover Software was built Co-innovated with SAP


Become a Cutover Captain and Gain Full Control Over Your Data Migration Duties!


Get a full overview of how project leads are utilizing the different functions and features of Natuvion's cutover software. In this webinar you will also hear how existing customers have done large data migration projects that were managed seamlessly with the Cutover App.






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The Cutover App runs in the SAP Cloud Foundry environment of the SAP Cloud Platform as a Software as a Service ( SaaS ), but the cloud based software can also be used on-premise or on comparable infrastructures.


For more details and functionalities visit the SAP App Center and request a free trial!


 SAP App Center: Cutover Management




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