The Cutover App connects and empowers your business with real-time data during an SAP S/4HANA Cutover or Go-Live project


Give your cutover manager a transparent tool to plan all cutover activities in real-time


SAP S/4HANA cutovers, also known as go-lives, combine hundreds of individual steps. In addition to the technical processes, departmental activities, change requests, and test processing, various global team members must be orchestrated as part of this new generation of go-live. The detailed, minute-by-minute execution of these processes is crucial for ensuring the minimal impact on business operations, in a near zero downtime.


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Natuvion's  Cutover Software was built Co-innovated with SAP

Reinventing project execution for the intelligent enterprise, The Cutover App was co-innovated with SAP as a modernization and mobilization of project execution tools, specifically designed for SAP S/4HANA Cutovers, otherwise called the go-live weekend.




The Natuvion Cutover App provides:

  • A minute-by-minute, task-by-task automated monitoring of all person and system go-live activities
  • A communication and workflow framework that calculatingly ranks exceptions and incidents that require immediate intervention
  • Centralized documentation
  • Instant error reporting


Become a Cutover Captain and Gain Full Control Over Your Data Migration Duties!

Get a full overview of how project leads have utilized the different functions and features of Natuvion's cutover software. In this webinar, you will also hear how existing customers have done large data migration projects that were managed seamlessly with the Cutover App.





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Complementing your project planning tools, this new type of project execution software tracks and automates a unique combination of both the project-team tasks and system/technical activities. For fast decision making, the software provides down-to-the-second workflow management and real-time dashboards for the many Cutover roles and responsibilities. 

The Cutover App helps project teams and managers take the right action at the right time.


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