The Natuvion Extraction Wizzard (EWZ)

The DCS "Add-On" which solves a number of problems


In times of ever larger data volumes and terms such as "big data", "predictive analytics", "knowledge discovery" or "data mining", data services play an increasingly important role.


Data services make data from mostly different sources in any format to a corresponding target platform (usually a business intelligence system or a big data platform) available. In principle, data services describe a further development of the classic Extraction Transformation Load process (ETL process), however, ever higher demands are placed here on speed, reliability and real-time extraction.


The Natuvion Extraction Wizzard (EWZ) as DCS " Add-On" solves a whole range of problems in the environment of the classical requirements and challenges of Data Services. With the in-house developed EWZ, multiple SAP systems, files or databases can be read (Extraction), transformed or cleaned (Transform) and synchronized or written to multiple target systems (SAP and Non-SAP) in real-time. Different formats can be read and written or even converted.


Especially for complex selection and transformation requirements, the EWZ is a real alternative to conventional SAP Data Services.



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