Test Automation (QAS)


Quality Assurance Service (QAS) -The solution for automated testing at
Process adaptations, transformations and/or upgrades.


Every SAP installation is subject to constant change, whether through upgrades and process adaptations, transformations, consolidations and/or migrations. In addition, the need for continuous quality control and the need for data cleansing is increasing. The associated test effort is often carried out manually and is therefore time and cost-intensive.

With automation by the Quality Assurance Service (QAS), SAP systems can be checked both qualitatively and technically. With this software Natuvion has managed to check almost every process at user level and to summarise and process the messages in a structured and orderly form. This makes testing faster, more complete and more cost-effective.

This solution offers the following possibilities:


  • Automated test data generation (duplication, generation)
  • Automated process tests through tasks/control of process steps in DCS
  • Automated technical foreign key check (check domain values and check tables)
  • Automated plausibility check of objects
  • Automated consistency check (e.g. billability, plausibility check)




  • Test control in the system group (continuity of processes across system boundaries)
  • Message control by exclusion/ inclusion/ rule definition of messages
  • Mass data testing through intelligent load distribution
  • Intuitive result processing of the determined messages
  • Flexible extensibility to further test cases

QAS offers you the following options:


  • Automation of a large part of manual test catalogs
  • Preparation and structuring of messages
  • Automatic test data generation or duplication
  • Identification of fundamental conversion errors, Customizing errors or missing data in transformations
  • Check tables or objects for technical consistency.

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