Additional Option Invoicing (AOI)


Increase revenue and customer loyalty in SAP IS-U and SAP S/4HANA easily with AOI


AOI is a powerful, but simple billing solution that’s ideal for utility companies that want to increase revenue and customer loyalty. Using this software, VPs of Sales or Innovation and Heads of Support drive business transformations by easily billing for new products and real-time invoice changes.

Today Energy and IT go hand in hand and are evolving to become more and more dependent on each other.  With Artificial Intelligence and Big Data becoming an industry wide, viral movement, the Utilities Industry only benefits in having the right technology to customize the never-ending possibilities and packages available to sell to customers.


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Personalize your Billing Process with Natuvion's Additional Option Invoicing Add-on


Pre-configured and pre-validated packages

Natuvion’s Additional Option Invoicing tool (AOI) allows you to serve your customers with personalized offers and energy packages the moment an idea comes to market. Within 5 days and pre-configured packages AOI can be installed directly as an add-on with SAP IS-U systems or in combination with SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) solutions without interfering with IS-U consumption billing.

Our AOI solution can be applied as-is to virtually any energy product for you to offer competitive prices to your customers easily.


Many of Europe's leading Utilities companies have successfully adopted Additional Option Invoicing and were able to:


1. Get ahead in their offerings to allow customers modern and innovative energy options

2. Gain a fast go to market strategy for new products and services

3. Provide efficient mapping and billing of new products and services

For more detailed examples download the whitepaper here:


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Why Choose Natuvion? 


Natuvion holds SAP Recognized Expertise in Utilities & Landscape Transformation, Customer & Billing Systems & GDPR Compliance

With over 20 years of experience in SAP IS-U and recognized expertise, Natuvion supplies flexible transition technology for future use of SAP Subscription Billing and has extensive experience with innovative add-on's that have no impact on existing processes in IS-U. 


What Accelerators will AOI bring to your SAP Billing Processes? 


Our solution approach can be applied to all energy products right from the start

Customize all your individual sales requirements within a matter of minutes

Transparent and consistent mapping as an add-on in SAP for Utilities

Individualize your sales products without interfering with IS-U consumption billing

Product enhancements and additional packages are mapped individually and booked as additive options independent from IS-U pricing. 



Additional Option Invoicing can be implemented in just 5 days and options can be set up through simple customizing (Including AOI or IS-U).


Download the full techinical overview here:


Download Techincal Overview



What our customers are saying about AOI: 

 "There's no more flexible way - with AOI I can bill everything the sales department desires." 

- Head of Application Support, Energy Service Provider, Germany 

"With AOI, we have more flexibility in the development of the individual products in SAP IS-U" 

- Head of Billing - Public Utility, Germany

"Our Go-To-Market of product ideas takesplace with AOI within 1 day." 

  - Sales and Marketing Manager - Energy supplier, Germany

Understand how Additional Option Invoicing can boost your customer satisfaction and sales turnover all at once and contact us!