Additional Option Invoicing (AOI)


Focus on multiple target groups easily with Additional Option Invoicing (AOI)


AOI is a powerful, but simple billing solution that’s ideal for utility companies that want to increase revenue and customer loyalty. Using this software, VPs of Sales or Innovation and Heads of Support drive business transformations by easily billing for new products and real-time invoice changes.

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 "Less than 50% of energy and utility companies are providing those desired personalized services"


 -CapGemini: Why Utilities Need to Re-energize Their Digital Customer Experience - November 2014 

Our AOI solution can be applied as-is to virtually any energy product for you to offer competitive prices to your customers easily.


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                                                                             Benefit from AOI                                                               Why Natuvion? 
                                                                  Personalize offers and take advantage of                                    See our proven track record and
                                                                         Additional Option Invoicing.                                                                expertise in Utilities.                                                                                                           

                                                                               Benefit from AOI                                                            AOI Success Stories




What are the advantages of Additional Option Invoicing?

Our solution approach can be applied to all energy products right from the start
Customize all your individual sales requirements within a matter of minutes
Transparent and consistent mapping as an add-on in SAP for Utilities
Individualize your sales products without interfering with IS-U consumption billing

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