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      Our Certificates and Awards

      The secret of our success: Quality

      Just ask our customers and partners!

      Success is sometimes quite simple. Those who consistently deliver high quality are rewarded with a good reputation! High quality is the result of continuous improvement! That is why we constantly analyze, question and optimize our methods and processes! Our certifications and awards prove that we make every effort to consistently follow this path. Our customers can rely on the fact that we continuously qualify ourselves and our teams in order to offer you the best possible service. The awards and prizes are an impressive confirmation of this path!



      SAP Gold Partner

      Natuvion GmbH has been an SAP Gold Partner since 2016.

      This means that the successful IT consulting company not only continues to rank at the highest national partner level, through which the software company honors the exceptional performance and expertise of its business partners. In the past three years, Natuvion has also been able to successfully certify itself in other categories, thereby steadily setting itself apart from the competition.

      Natuvion GmbH is one of the only three SAP Gold Partners in the world to be awarded the additional SAP Recognized Expertise in the area of SAP Landscape Transformation. The simultaneous certification as SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP Landscape Transformation and Utilities is even unique worldwide in this combination. "We are very proud that our Gold partnership has been extended by SAP," says Holger Strotmann, Managing Director of Natuvion GmbH.

      SAP Gold PARtner-3


      SAP Recognized Experts

      In Landscape Transformation and Utilities

      Natuvion GmbH was able to successfully demonstrate its expertise in Landscape Transformation as well as in the "Utilities" industry. For this reason, we are very pleased to receive the award from SAP SE as part of the Recognizes Expertise partnership.

      SAP Recognized


      SAP Certified

      Built on SAP Cloud Platform

      SAP Cloud Platform certification validates that Natuvion has the fundamental and core knowledge about the SAP Cloud Platform profile. This certification proves that Natuvion has an overall understanding and in‐depth technical skills to participate as a member of a project team in a mentored role.

      SAP Certified


      ISO 9001

      Quality Management System

      Quality is a very high priority for Natuvion. Quality management is one of the central management topics in the company. Especially ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as strengthening a standardized order processing at Natuvion are to be highlighted here.

      Our main goals are, on the one hand, a structured internal organization, compliance with environmental standards, adherence to laws and regulations, and cooperative and successful collaboration with customers, as well as ensuring that deadlines, costs and quality standards are maintained.

      Iso 9001


      ISO 14001

      Environmental Management System UMS

      Both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 serve as the basis for the quality and environmental management system.

      ISO 14001 is a globally recognized basis for environmental management systems and covers all aspects for continuous improvement of environmental performance. It defines the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an environmental management system.

      Iso 14001


      ISO 27001

      Information Security Management System ISMS

      The applied IT infrastructure forms the basic informational structure of the company and is essential with its diverse interfaces to customers, suppliers, employees and information sources on the Internet. This is the only way to achieve the company's goals efficiently and optimally. Impairments to this infrastructure pose a direct threat to the company.

      Guaranteeing corporate goals

      Only a well-working IT infrastructure can contribute to the achievement of the company's goals. All facilities, processes, hardware, software, data storage systems and networks must therefore be adequately protected and continuously monitored for functionality. The aforementioned processes and resources must therefore be taken into account when defining objectives.

      Iso 27001



      In July 2021, Natuvion GmbH with its offices in Walldorf, Berlin, Munich and Leipzig was able to obtain TISAX certification after auditing.

      TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a standard for information security defined by the automotive industry. A large number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the German automotive industry have required their business partners to have existing TISAX certification since 2017



      IDW PS 880

      Natuvion DCS

      Our transformation software Natuvion DCS has been audited by a renowned auditing firm according to auditing standard 880 of the Institut für Wirtschaftsprüfer e.V. (IDW) and is officially certified since 2022.




      Forbes World's Best Management Consulting Firms 2022

      Natuvion named one of the world's best management consulting firms 2022 by Forbes.

      An ongoing pandemic, supply chain issues and economic uncertainty - to overcome these challenges, consultancies are playing a crucial role for companies around the globe. Forbes, together with Statista, has taken this as an opportunity to create a first-time ranking of the "World's Best Management Consulting Firms 2022". Natuvion was able to earn a spot on this list with its expertise in all aspects of digital transformation. The award is based on a comprehensive survey of industry colleagues and clients.



      brand eins Best German Management Consultants 2022

      Natuvion is one of Germany's best management consultancies for the third time. This is shown by the joint survey conducted by the business magazine brand eins and the market research company Statista.

      Who helps us think differently and in a new way? Who will accompany us into digitization? And who is rebuilding supply chains and structures with us? Together with Statista, the business magazine brand eins has analyzed the market for the ninth time in a row and identified the best consultants of 2022. Natuvion is among the best 300 management consultancies.



      FT Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2021

      The entire Natuvion team is incredibly proud to be named by the Financial Times. It is a validation of our journey and impressive documentation of our financial growth. For our customers, it is an important sign of stability and solid development.

      The FT1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies is the result of a joint project by the Financial Times and Statista, which conducted months of research, public calls, intensive database research and directly contacted tens of thousands of companies. The report recognises the companies that are the driving forces of the European economy, and focuses on organic and fast growth as well as innovation within Europe

      FT 21


      brand eins Best German Management Consultants 2021

      Natuvion is one of Germany's best management consultancies for the second time. This is shown by the joint survey conducted by the business magazine brand eins and the market research company Statista.

      Who helps us think differently and in a new way? Who will accompany us into digitization? And who is rebuilding supply chains and structures with us? Together with Statista, the business magazine brand eins has analyzed the market for the eighth time in a row and identified the best consultants of 2021. Natuvion is among the best 300 management consultancies.

      Brand Eins 21


      FOCUS Growth Champion 2020

      Together with Statista, FOCUS Business magazine has once again honored Germany's 500 fastest-growing companies. We are pleased to be among the growth champions 2020.

      Who are the drivers of tomorrow? Which companies are creating jobs and leading our country into the future? FOCUS provides 500 answers to these questions. Together with Statista, FOCUS has honored Germany's 500 fastest-growing companies. And Natuvion is one of those!

      Focus 20


      FT Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2020

      Natuvion has once again been awarded a place in the FT 1000: Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2020. The award identified the 1000 European companies that grew the most between 2014 and 2017. We are proud to be listed again.

      FT 20


      FOCUS Growth Champion 2019

      Natuvion is one of the growth champions of the year 2019, according to a study carried out by the news magazine Focus together with the data company Statista to identify the German companies with the highest sales growth.

      Focus 19


      FT Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2019

      The Financial Times partnered with Statista, a German data provider, to identifiy the 1000 european companies, that grew the strongest between the years 2014 and 2017. We made it to the top third!

      FT 19-1


      Top Employer 2019

      Natuvion has made it among the "Top Employers Germany 2019". We were honored by the internationally recognized Top Employers Institute. We are very please that Natuvion has such a great working atmosphere and that the commitment of our employees accompanies us every day.

      Top employer 19-1


      Brand Eins Best German Management Consultants 2018

      Based on an extensive survey of experts and customers, the online portal Statista GmbH and the business magazine "brand eins Wissen" have determined the best management consultants in Germany. We are very pleased that Natuvion GmbH has made it onto the bestseller list!

      Brand Eins 18


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