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      Our biggest achievements are built on functioning partnerships

      Join us as a partner!

      No matter how good the organization and management are - no technology company becomes successful on its own.

      Given dynamic market processes, gaps in the product portfolio, in market penetration or in research and development constantly arise. Natuvion's product portfolio is therefore a very attractive addition to the offerings of many consulting and systems companies. In selected areas, however, Natuvion also complements your know-how through intensive partnerships! With one goal in mind: to provide customers the ultimate support for their digital transformation.

      Companies have to overcome many challenges on the way to a successful digital transformation. Natuvion offers a toolbox of services and technologies to optimally master this challenge. We offer partners the opportunity to bring Natuvion employees, teams or technologies into their projects.


      "The SAP S/4HANA implementation is steadily increasing. Natuvion's SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition approach brings additional and tangible value to the transition project."

      Norbert Rotter

      CEO, NTT Data Business Solutions AG

      "Together with Natuvion, we are taking digital transformation projects to the next level and making a positive impact on the SAP ecosystem."

      Gerardo Volf

      Director Software, Techedge España

      Which partner type are you?

      Reselling Partner

      All Natuvion products have one goal: to simplify, accelerate and optimize the process of digital transformation. Natuvion Reselling Partners distribute, sell or use our software products. As a registered and certified Natuvion partner, you have access to exclusive knowledge about our services, methods and software products. You will receive extensive training and education that will enable you to sell and use our products in the most effective way. Interesting licensing conditions for our products ensure that the joint cooperation is also economically attractive.

      The products you can sell with us are:

      • DCS (Data Conversion Server)
      • SOPHIA (Analysis for ILM, Transformation, pbD)
      • CORA (Cutover Management Application)
      • TDA (Test Data Anonymization)
      • IDS (Intelligent Data Store)
      • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
      • DPP4BW

      Your benefits:

      • Additional license sales through attractive licensing program

      • Expansion and extension of your own product portfolio

      • Expansion and enhancement of competencies regarding digital transformation



      Join us as partner!

      Co-Innovation Partner

      All Natuvion products are very closely aligned with the requirements of our customers. Within the context of digital transformation, these requirements are dynamic and highly varying depending on the industry or market segment. Due to the wide range of requirements, we look for new ways to extend and improve existing solutions. Co-Innovation Partners work very closely with us and support us in refining our products. Whether it is an industry-specific enhancement of our software products or the optimization of methods and processes of our service portfolio. Co-Innovation Partners work on customer projects either together with us or on their own and, of course, have access to Natuvion's accumulated know-how. We also work closely with our Co-Innovation Partners in sales and marketing.

      Your benefits:

      • Reduce development time and innovation costs by joint product development/extension

      • Close cooperation and exchange of information

      • Extension and expansion of own product & service portfolio

      • Attractive license sharing program

      • Joint approach to customer projects

      • Establishment and expansion of competencies regarding digital transformation



      Join us as partner!

      Service Delivery Partner

      Regardless of how companies feel about it: No company can avoid digital transformation. The challenges of the future can only be met with intelligent technologies. One reason why many consulting and system houses that accompany customers on this path are more successful than most! We support our service delivery partners with services or software products. We enable them to deliver migration and transformation services based on Natuvion Group software products and service packages. Either in cooperation with us or completely independently!

      Your benefits:

      • Attractive licensing and margin program

      • Extension and expansion of your own product portfolio

      • Support for customer projects

      • Development and expansion of competencies regarding digital transformation



      Join us as partner!

      Our Transformation Partners

      Our Technology Partners

      The close collaboration and cooperation with technology partners have only one goal for us: We want to provide our customers with the fastest, most cost-effective and efficient path to new technologies and platforms. These strategic partnerships enable us to offer the best possible consulting but also powerful software solutions at the cutting edge of current technology. Some cooperations also give us direct access to development departments. The result: Huge know-how that we use for your transformation projects profitably!


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      We are happy to introduce you to our partner program and the possibilities of cooperation. Just contact us!