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Why Natuvion?

International SAP Conference for Utilities
01. - 03. April 2020 in Basel, Switzerland

Co-located with the International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas, this event will give you the opportunity to meet with industry players, get hands-on with the latest innovations from SAP, and discuss how your organization can look toward the future.


There will be over 20 hours of quality content, 30 customer case studies, 61 countries represented, and 300 organizations in attendance.


"The International SAP Conference for Utilities, one of the largest Utilities events in Europe, is the perfect place to discuss your business transformation challenges and how best to leverage SAP for Utilities. In this conference, multiple organizations and stakeholders can focus on energy and environment transitions that utilities are driving from its multiple market roles and industry segments.”

- Miguel Gaspar Silva, Global Head Utilities Industry Business Unit, SAP


Find out more information about this event here.