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      Ready for Transformation?

      What is in my systems? Where and how much?

      Any transformation of IT systems requires careful preparation. A crucial point is the creation of an inventory. What is in my systems? Where and how much? Only those who have a detailed overview can decide on the optimal transformation scenario!

      Natuvion creates transparency and a solid foundation for your transformation. Our SAP S/4HANA transformation experts combine the strengths of SAP standard analyses with Natuvion SOPHIA, our proven evaluation analysis tool. Our customers can rely on us to extract all relevant information from the underlying system landscape. They create the basis for further cost, risk, time and project planning.

      More than 500 powerful analyses

      More than 500 powerful analyses

      Easy to use and fast to execute

      Natuvion SOPHIA offers system-oriented, individual analyses that are easy to use and quick to execute for everyone. With a catalogue of over 500 analyses in five different areas, a holistic system scan can be carried out and then evaluated.This evaluation also forms the basis for an estimate of the project costs. Of course, these comprehensive and individual analyses also serve for the first phase of your transformation project, the data assessment phase. Thanks to the simple operation, the data can be analysed in different levels of detail, depending on the project status and progress. No matter whether an overview of the basic information, the applications, the data volume or an insight into the data quality is required. There are no limits to the modular analysis concept of Natuvion SOPHIA!


      Reliable base for your transformation


      Reliable base for your transformation

      Prefabricated and tested analysis profiles

      The Natuvion SOPHIA analysis platform is designed as a construction kit. The analyses can be combined completely individually and you can put them together according to your requirements.

      In addition, Natuvion SOPHIA contains prefabricated and tested analysis profiles for the most common requirements for a quick and targeted introduction to the system analysis. In addition to the prefabricated analysis profiles, the Natutivon analysis team will get a picture of your system in a scoping workshop. With these findings, the initial transformation scope and scenario can be defined. Natuvion's data assessment phase ends with a meaningful roadmap and project planning for your transformation or migration project. 

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      How Natuvion SOPHIA supports GDPR projects

      Operating in 10 European Union countries, Conair IT needed to determine a plan to address GDPR compliance. Natuvion stood at the ready to provide the desired outcome, ultimately ensuring full data protection at Conair. You want to know how? 


      Data protection in best time

      Data protection in best time

      Identifying all personal data and fields

      Natuvion SOPHIA drastically reduces your effort in data protection projects by analyzing and automatically identifying all personal data and fields in a system or your system landscape. Natuvion SOPHIA uses both the DDIC-based structure search and the semantic/content-based search. In addition, Natuvion SOPHIA allows you to identify the archiving objects used in SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) - completely automatically. Natuvion SOPHIA has a minimal runtime and works on all systems of the SAP Business Suite. You can easily execute Natuvion SOPHIA yourself. 

      Natuvion SOPHIA analyses also serve as a basis for the various departments when deciding on transformation scenarios. However, many customers also use Natuvion SOPHIA in the ongoing monitoring of the data protection of SAP systems. Natuvion SOPHIA is available for all SAP Netweaver and HANA systems.

      Technical requirements:
      Natuvion SOPHIA is available for SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP HCM and SAP IS-U. It requires ABAP version 7.02 or higher. Furthermore, Natuvion SOPHIA requires WebSocket access ("HTTPS" and "WSS" (both via port 443, SSL)) and a current browser - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge (with limitations).


      Gain immediate system insights


      Gain immediate system insights

      Natuvion SOPHIA: An all-aspect system analysis

      Making adjustments to IT systems can be very challenging for companies. Whether you adapt, modernize or completely transform your IT landscape, the most important basis for any decision-making process is a deep and holistic understanding of what your systems hold for your business. Our leading-edge system analysis tool Natuvion SOPHIA will provide you with these valuable insights.

      Get to know Natuvion SOPHIA!

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