Providing a clear path to compliance

      Providing a clear path to compliance

      General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implications are not only affecting European companies, but those operating in them as well. Since 2018, the GDPR regulates the handling of personal data in companies and specifies which measures must be taken to protect this data.

      Minimizing data breach risks

      Operating in ten European Union countries, Conair IT needed to determine a plan to address GDPR compliance. Natuvion stood at the ready to provide the desired outcome, ultimately ensuring full data protection at Conair while driving digital transformation at the same time.

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      Importance of Data Quality

      Organisations have recognized that their digital success begins with accurate, consistent, and current data. But how is this success accomplished with dynamically growing data volumes and increasing complexity because of different data types coming from hundreds of data sources? We have put together some recommendations for you!