GDPR and the Art of Data Identification

      GDPR and the Art of Data Identification

      Data privacy laws such as the GDPR are prompting companies to take a closer look at data privacy measures on their SAP and non-SAP systems. The questions are: How can data protection compliance be best implemented in day-to-day operations? Or, how can obsolete data be consistently deleted from the systems? E.ON was also facing this challenge.

      SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

      SAP Information Lifecycle Management can be a great help here. Personal data and documents can be identified and thus locked, archived or even deleted completely. At E.ON, a fully comprehensive DSGVO program was successfully set up in this way in combination with Natuvion's own DCS transformation platform.

      Read all the details in our success story.


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      Importance of Data Quality

      Organisations have recognized that their digital success begins with accurate, consistent, and current data. But how is this success accomplished with dynamically growing data volumes and increasing complexity because of different data types coming from hundreds of data sources? We have put together some recommendations for you!