Business Network meets Data Privacy

      Business Network meets Data Privacy

      Business networks represent individuals, organizations, and entities interconnected through complex relationships. Palturai believes every company benefits from a deeper understanding of these networks. The company provides solutions that make networks and relationships transparent, leading to actionable insights.

      Risk assessment of Palturai BusinessGraph

      Considering the company’s strategic growth plans, a data privacy review was mandatory. This review would serve to verify that the Palturai solution portfolio and its processes adhere to data privacy regulations while analyzing publicly available personal data.

      Read our success story to find out how the data protection audit went and which methods were used.


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      Importance of Data Quality

      Organisations have recognized that their digital success begins with accurate, consistent, and current data. But how is this success accomplished with dynamically growing data volumes and increasing complexity because of different data types coming from hundreds of data sources? We have put together some recommendations for you!