Data Separation Step by Step

      Data Separation Step by Step

      When companies sell or spin off certain business units, this always has an impact on the IT systems and existing databases. All associated data of the corresponding division must also be separated or transferred to the new owner.

      Data to Go: Switching Systems and Ownership

      Vattenfall was confronted with this as well: As part of the re-municipalization process, the European energy supplier handed over its District Heating division to the City of Hamburg. In addition to ca. 610 employees, around 23 percent of the data also changed owners in this process. Natuvion played a key role in the precise separation of the supporting SAP system landscape, accurate data extraction, and smooth setup of a new, fully operational SAP system.

      Read all the details of an effective and successful carve-out in our success story with Vattenfall.


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      Roadmap to SAP S/4HANA

      The SAP S/4HANA path goes through 3 transformation methods: "Greenfield", "Brownfield" or the Natuvion "Allfield". Which procedure is the best for you? In our white paper we discuss all the pros and cons and explain why the Natuvion Allfield intelligently combines the advantages of all processes!