Over 200 big companies provide exclusive insights

      Over 200 big companies provide exclusive insights

      How do companies practically transition from legacy IT systems to modern, innovative, and more powerful systems, taking data and processes with them? A new transformation study conducted by Natuvion provides the answers with exclusive insights on what you have always wanted to know. More than 200 companies share their experiences from latest transformation projects.

      Questions answered by the study

      • Which challenges caught organizations by surprise during their transformation?
      • What were success factors for the transformation?
      • Would they approach anything differently next time?
      • Have goals been reached, and if not, why?

      The results will help you to improve your own transformation planning and avoid mistakes that others have already made!

      2022 marks the debut year of this study. From now on, it is to be carried out on an annual basis. Over the course of the following years, this will allow you to follow the latest trends and developments, including descriptive assessments in the area of all technical transformation aspects.


      Download our Transformation Study 2022: