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      Proven Migration Experts

      Assistance from the analysis to the support

      Natuvion is a proven expert in migrating data from legacy systems to new system landscapes. Energy providers in particular value the impressive experience we have gained in migrating to and from various source and target systems.

      Our team has achieved outstanding expertise in the successful migration to SAP S/4HANA and the entire SAP ERP environment. Natuvion consultants are perfectly prepared to accompany your migration from start to go live: beginning with the analysis – in which a comprehensive, complete and transparent picture of the task is created – through to the final assessment and support after the successful migration. We always remain flexible and solution-oriented and also understand how to take a pragmatic approach. Our customers particularly appreciate our in-depth, cross-system industry understanding of all the necessary processes and data content. What makes us special: Natuvion's extensive technical expertise in various new technologies and how data can be migrated across system boundaries.



      Migration from/to SAP Netweaver

      Anyone planning to transfer system operation from or to an SAP software solution knows that they have to transfer data from legacy systems. The goal is to achieve the highest possible quality with the least possible manual effort when transferring data.

      The Natuvion team is recognized globally – including by SAP itself – for its expertise in completing successful data transfer projects within SAP systems, from SAP to other systems or from other systems to SAP. There are only few companies that have so much experience in migrating from or to SAP systems. Your advantage: Natuvion employees are perfectly familiar with all migration procedures supported by SAP and they will choose the best way for your project. In addition to the purely technical implementation, our employees will also support you in the diverse reconciliation activities that legacy data transfers require.

      The Natuvion team is supported by the Natuvion Data Conversion Server™ (DCS), an ETL platform developed in-house. It connects the source and target systems and supports the consolidation or split of data sets. With the help of the Natuvion DCS, data from different sources (systems, databases, files, web services, etc.) can be analyzed, extracted, transformed and migrated to different targets. It also enables the content and structure related data mapping on domains, data elements, and on the field level in various complexities is possible. All extraction data is prepared for the standard SAP load tools of an object-based migration. Auditors receive the best possible support in reconciling the migration results.

      Are you planning a migration? Talk to us. We will be happy to discuss the best possible procedure for your requirements.


      Migration from/to powercloud

      Are you facing the challenge of migrating part or all of your data to powercloud? Or do you want to transfer your data from powercloud to another solution? As a partner of powercloud and a well-established partner to the national and international energy supply industry, we know the data structures of the common billing standard solutions in detail.

      For transformations to or from powercloud, we have ready-made data models and mapping structures. As a technical accelerator, this knowledge contributes significantly to the success of your project and helps you complete it faster.

      At the heart of the transformation is Natuvion's Data Conversion Server™ (DCS). DCS can read, analyze, extract and transform data from a variety of source-systems. For the import and export of data into powercloud, you benefit from the technical and specialist knowledge we have gained from a large number of reference projects. We use standardized or customized load scripts for loading and unloading consistent powercloud data.

      As the central transformation instance, DCS ensures consistent, quality-assured transformation of data from and to powercloud. The necessary mapping of structures and content is also performed and logged.


      Migration from/to Salesforce

      Extracting, transforming and migrating: with Natuvion’s Salesforce migration experts, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Whether you’re looking migrate some or all of your data to Salesforce – or from Salesforce to another system – the unique combination of Natuvion's Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) solution and our specialists will make light work of it.

      We start by working with you to define the scope of the project, and follow this up with the analysis and clustering of your data. This helps prepare it correctly for transformation. Once the migration is complete, DCS checks it thoroughly to ensure the best possible quality. The DCS also carries out and logs the required mapping of structures and content. It can read, analyze, extract, and transform data from various sources (SAP CRM, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) and directly load the transformed data into your Salesforce entity via a bulk API or provide consistent Salesforce Data Loader files.


      Migration from/to SAP S/4HANA

      Natuvion is quite simply one of the world’s leading transformation experts specialized in migrating legacy SAP and/or other systems to SAP S/4HANA. Read on to find out why – and how we can help make your migration project a success.

      • SAP selected us as one of just four companies worldwide to form the SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement community – one of the endorsements we’re most proud of.
      • Most of our top management are former specialists and managers from SAP itself, opening up fast and efficient avenues of communication.
      • Our head office is located just around the corner from SAP in Walldorf. We work in close collaboration with SAP’s technical and development staff and are very familiar with their way of thinking.
      • We can provide a very long list of migration project references from some of the most successful companies in Europe and the US.
      • Last but definitely not least, our migration and transformation specialists average over two decades of top-flight technical experience each.

      At the heart of the transformation is Natuvion's Data Conversion Server™ (DCS). DCS can read, analyze, extract and transform data from a variety of systems. We use this as part of a modular migration package that can be tailored to suit your needs. The SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Migration service includes all necessary data transformations from legacy to S/4HANA. This includes selective data identification and transfer, master data transformation, data model and structural transformation, as well as reference creation/modification. The basic package includes also selective data deletion on the source system.

      Planning a migration to SAP S/4HANA? Talk to us!


      Migration from/to Microsoft

      The Natuvion team has exceptional experience migrating legacy and other systems to and from a Microsoft environment – in fact, we are experts in migration from any source to any target.

      Migration to and from Microsoft is based – like our other migration types – on the Sophia analysis tool working in conjunction with Natuvion's Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) to produce almost zero-downtime transformation. They ensure a very high level of automation in the whole process, minimizing disruption while increasing accuracy.


      Migration from/to Oracle Databases

      Working with Natuvion's Data Conversion Server™ (DCS), our specialists can transform your Oracle applications to a different platform (such as SAP S/4HANA or Salesforce) – quickly and with minimal downtime.

      The same naturally applies in the other direction too, such as migrating an SAP-based solution to an Oracle platform, whether you’re running it on-premise or in the cloud.

      We start by working with you to define the scope of the project and cluster the data you want to move, converting the data into the right form for the target platform by mapping its structure and content. Our highly-automated DCS understands and leverages the native characteristics of Oracle databases, making light work of the extract, transform and load (ETL) process with extremely high performance.

      For example, at one customer site it transformed over 40 terabytes of Oracle data (JD Edwards, Siebel and others) in less than 16 hours; at another, it completed a system consolidation of 50 terabytes in less than 20 hours. And we systematically carry out extensive quality assurance checks post-transformation to verify data integrity and models.


      Migration to/between Cloud(s)

      Companies know that cloud migration is an indispensable part of their digital transformation journey – and that’s where we can help.

      Whether you’re looking to start your cloud migration for the first time or continue its progress into the next stage, our unique tools and expertise facilitate the entire process with minimal disruption and downtime.

      The same goes if your cloud initiatives are already advanced but need to migrate data from one cloud platform to another, such as following a change of supplier.

      Natuvion's Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) maps and converts your data, structure and models to the target format in the new application. Its high level of automation and exceptional performance then run the conversion in a matter of hours – with no impact on your business continuity.

      Our specialists – and the DCS itself – then carry out extensive quality assurance checks post-migration to verify that the data integrity and models are all in order.


      Near Zero Downtime Migrations

      Using Natuvion’s Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) ensures that you can migrate exceptionally large data volumes with near-zero downtime (NZDT).

      The DCS comprises several smart NZDT techniques such as data synchronization (trigger), warm/cold data identification, and waving mechanisms.

      The combination of these features with the DCS’ high level of automation also enables you to eliminate the need for time-consuming manual work. It was designed from the ground up to process extremely large data volumes at speed and can read, transform, write and delete data natively at the database level.

      You can achieve further time savings with the DCS’ integrated quality assurance functions. Plus: it makes compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations easier by depersonalizing and anonymizing your data while migrating it. That saves you valuable time and money by making one project out of it instead of two.


      Stadtwerke München

      Stadtwerke München GmbH is one of Germany's largest municipal utilities and service companies, employing more than 10,000 people and generating annual sales of €7.5 billion.

      Stadtwerke München GmbH is one of Germany's largest municipal utilities ...

      Rhön Energie

      RhönEnergie Fulda GmbH is one of the largest energy and water supply companies in Hesse and among the top 50 in the whole of Germany. It supplies electricity and natural gas to around 300,000 people and numerous companies both in eastern Hesse and throughout Germany.

      RhönEnergie Fulda GmbH is one of the largest energy and water supply com...

      Rhein Energie

      RheinEnergie AG is a regional utility company for electricity, gas, water and heat supply based in Cologne. The company supplies around 2.5 million people, industry, trade and commerce with energy and drinking water.

      RheinEnergie AG is a regional utility company for electricity, gas, wate...


      Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is a listed company headquartered in Karlsruhe. With €19.7 billion in sales and more than 24,000 employees, EnBW is Germany's third-largest energy supply company.

      Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is a listed company headquartered in ...

      EnBW ODR

      EnBW ODR is a subsidiary of EnBW and a service company in the fields of electricity, natural gas, energy services, information technology and the environment.

      EnBW ODR is a subsidiary of EnBW and a service company in the fields of ...


      E.ON SE is the holding company of a German energy group headquartered in Essen. Around 78,000 employees belong to Germany's second-largest energy company, generating sales of just under €18 billion.

      E.ON SE is the holding company of a German energy group headquarte...

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