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      It’s no surprise that we’re recognized around the world as a leading expert on transformation. We’ve been selected by SAP as one of just four companies collaborating with it on the SAP Selective Data Transformation Engagement. But we don’t stop there – we have run countless projects transforming data from any source system to any target.

      Many companies dread embarking on a transformation project. No-one wants their work processes to be disrupted. And then there’s the time and staff resources required. That’s where we come in. Our crack team – working with the  Natuvion Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) – get the job done. Quickly, efficiently and downtime-optimized. Even with complex cases like cross-application data – information used simultaneously across multiple applications. Very few transformation providers offer that. Check out the various use cases below to see how we can help.



      Carve out / Split

      When companies spin off part of their business, one of the biggest challenges is how to identify all the accumulated data at that business unit and separate it from the parent company’s systems.

      At Natuvion, we’ve successfully completed this type of project throughout the world in the utilities,(Vattenfall) automotive (BMW), manufacturing (Nolte) and other industries. We offer finely-tailored “de-migration” and migration services on the organizational level as well as data transformation from any source to any target system. This includes document migration from external content/archive servers. Even for companies with integrated ERP systems, we can split off selected data residing in industry and/or finance solutions as well as in HCM environments. We offer two approaches here: copy-and-migrate as well as copy-and-delete.



      System Merge & Consolidation

      Companies need to merge or consolidate systems for several reasons, such as following a company acquisition, the merger of two or more national subsidiaries to form a regional entity, or a strategy to modernize multiple heterogeneous systems.

      Our approach at Natuvion is to use our analysis tool Natuvion SOPHIA, developed in-house, to show the system characteristics of the objects in both systems. In this way, our solutions provide customers with detailed conversion logic followed by the conversion customized to the type(s) of data involved and their attributes. Equipped with the technical analysis and the predefined conversion, the system consolidation can go ahead – naturally with logs and audit trails to facilitate compliance.



      SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition

      As one of just four partners selected by SAP to pioneer its S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement, it goes without saying that Natuvion is one of the world’s top experts for this type of transformation project.

      With the deadline for transitioning to SAP S/4HANA just a few years away, many companies will need to bring in external experts to help them manage the transformation. Whichever of the key approaches you choose – brownfield (transition everything), greenfield (start anew with a completely fresh system), or Natuvion’s Allfield (carry over important data and business processes while archiving “cold” data that is no longer used), you can count on Natuvion’s expertise every step of the way.

      Along with our highly-qualified and experienced specialists, our secret weapon is our Natuvion Data Conversion Server™ (DCS). It’s intelligent, cloud-based transformation software that we use for all types of data transformation projects: it automates and accelerates data transformation processes while preserving recurring project activities or requirements in the form of templates.

      Natuvion DCS has huge benefits for our customers as it offers selective data transition with near-zero downtime. You can also verify your data privacy compliance status during the planning and transformation process. That enables you to correct any anomalies or violations and ensure that the new SAP S/4HANA system is 100% compliant. Two projects in one – that saves you money, time, and headaches down the line.



      Chart of Accounts Harmonization

      At Natuvion, we are often asked how to simplify and streamline charts of accounts. Many companies – especially large ones with multiple divisions and/or subsidiaries – want to reduce the amount of time it takes to roll up multiple different accounts into a single report. Natuvion can help.

      CoA harmonization delivers significant benefits to customers in terms of time and cost savings as well as expedited financial reporting processes. It’s an essential part of the integration work following a merger or acquisition and of the key preparations for a transition to SAP S/4HANA. Our specialists work with our powerful software solutions to relieve the burden by changing secondary cost elements, renaming and merging cost centers, harmonizing and eliminating duplicates in customer, vendor and other master data and merging or separating posting and/or controlling areas.



      Deactivation of Business Functions

      This arm of our activity is often combined with a system split project – for example, decommissioning an integrated ERP and industry solution system to achieve two separate systems.

      Sometimes referred to as an unswitch, Natuvion has years of experience in this kind of deactivation, especially with the SAP industry solutions IS-U for utilities; IS-H for hospitals; and a pension fund unswitch as part of SAP HCM. All of the data is transferred to the new system and the old data deleted from the decommissioned system, while ensuring seamless data integrity.



      Transformation New General Ledger / Document Split

      A key preparation step prior to an SAP S/4HANA migration involves transitioning the traditional general ledger to the new ledger solution.

      The Natuvion Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) helps by mapping, converting and verifying fields and objects in the previous general ledger (GL) system compared to the new one. Natuvion DCS automates and accelerates data transformation processes while preserving recurring GL elements. Working with Natuvion DCS, Natuvion’s specialists can also help companies wanting to benefit from the functionality in the new GL in their existing SAP system. We can also configure document splitting, which is used if there are, say, multiple country entries in a table. The document can be split up by market, profit center or other parameters prior to transformation. This facilitates compliance with segment reporting and other regulations.



      Master Data Harmonization, Cleansing & Housekeeping

      Using our analytical and transition tools, we can help with a wide range of data cleansing and harmonization projects – as a preparatory step to a migration or for any other reason.

      There is a wide range of use cases in data cleansing and harmonization – spanning the consolidation of disparate supplier, contractor and vendor databases; a unified chart of accounts; or the elimination of system inconsistencies. This is where the Natuvion Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) comes to the rescue. Our specialists use it to analyze the data and then run the cleansing and/or harmonization processes required automatically. It’s fast, efficient and doesn’t cause any disruption or downtime.



      Unicode Transformation

      If you’re running an older legacy SAP system, you may need to upgrade to Unicode prior to any migration or selective data transformation projects involving SAP S/4HANA.

      Unicode – a universal code page that supports all characters in all languages – is fairly standard now but this was (and still is) not the case for many old systems. For SAP, NetWeaver 7.40 was the last version with no Unicode support. The conversion project can be time-consuming and expensive – but Natuvion’s specialists can help. To speed the project up, they can help you identify any historical data that you won’t be needing in the new system. Next, they will implement the powerful Natuvion Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) that will carry out the conversion quickly and efficiently.





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