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      Test Data Anonymization

      Test Data Anonymization

      When it comes to data protection and GDPR compliance, it is not uncommon for companies to focus on productive systems. However, when the productive systems are used as a basis for setting up and optimizing secondary systems – such as training systems – there is a problem of data misappropriation. The legal permission to use data usually exists only for the productive system. Copying it to and using it in a non-productive system, on the other hand, constitutes a GDPR violation.

      Real data, but anonymized or pseudonymized

      How to fix this problem? With Test Data Anonymization (TDA)! Whether it's your SAP systems or other connected third-party systems, Natuvion's TDA solution anonymizes or pseudonymizes all personal data either directly at system copy or after provisioning. Consistent cross-system data processing is guaranteed. This not only ensures data protection at all times, but delivers further business benefits as it can also be used to mask intellectual property-related data. 

      In this white paper, we will look at what exactly TDA involves, how it can be implemented, and on what systems. We will also outline Natuvion’s unique approach to managing and depersonalizing test data and how it benefits customers.

      Want to learn more? Download our white paper!

      Test Data Anonymization.
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      Straightforward Conversion

      Swiss German utility Energiedienst Holding AG has made the transition from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA. Natuvion supported them with its expertise, project planning and implementation. On time and on budget, of course! The success story is now available.