GDPR-compliant data archiving on a budget

      GDPR-compliant data archiving on a budget

      What happens to data that has not been migrated? After a successful switch to the powercloud platform, utility schweizstrom needed to address this question. In order to completely move off of the old platform, schweizstrom gathered requirements for a potential solution that should

      • allow access to legacy data for search purposes at reduced cost,
      • both for auditors and for employees in customer service,
      • while managing data in accordance with data protection regulations,
      • and ultimately destroying it.

      Extract, archive, delete – it is all about data

      Requirements that the Natuvion Intelligent Data Store (IDS) meets and thus became the foundation for successfully archiving around 100,000 customer data records at schweizstrom.

      Read our success story to find out how the data was decommissioned and what is involved in holistic legacy data management.


      Download Success Story: