How to orchestrate growing data volume and data protection

      How to orchestrate growing data volume and data protection

      Companies have very good reason to consider data their most valuable asset. The more data is being collected, the more important sustainable data management becomes – and not just for performance and cost reasons. Meanwhile data protection has moved up in the priority list as a critical aspect when handling data. SAP systems touch all aspects of businesses, and typically data with personal information is being processed in many transactions. Assuming responsibility for accurate data handling, you must know where data resides, ensure GDPR compliance, and archive or delete data after certain periods. SAP offers SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) as a framework to support you in this task.

      SAP ILM – the multifaceted tool for Data Management

      This white paper describes how you can leverage the capabilities of SAP ILM to implement GDPR requirements and control data growth at the same time. However, this document does not stop there. It highlights the SAP ILM introduction and operation in the context of an SAP S/4HANA transformation, together with a compatible, data protection-compliant system characteristic, and offers insight into the Natuvion SAP ILM implementation methodology.

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