Your IT Guide to Successfully Merge or Spin-off a Business

      Your IT Guide to Successfully Merge or Spin-off a Business

      After the decision has been taken to buy or sell a business or part of it, the companies must get to work and address far more than the contractual and organizational tasks. A central requirement of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is the clean separation or merging of IT systems because these systems and their data are the backbone of all business activities. Companies or business entities are to be moved out into another system or integrated into an existing system depending on their role as the selling or buying company. This is referred to as Carve-out and Carve-in, respectively.

      Know the importance of IT

      Typically, there are many IT interlockings and interfaces such as a shared SAP system. The technical implementation must solve the problem of how the existing systems are to be separated. In the case of a carve-in, it concerns how to merge existing IT structures. With as little or no business interruption as possible.

      This white paper serves to provide you an overview of fundamentals you should know in advance when planning for a technical SAP ERP carve-out or carve-in. You will be able to distinguish the migration scenarios and understand the benefits of the Natuvion DCS during various phases of the process.


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